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Four Spills That You Need to Protect Your Carpet From

The spills on the carpet are the potential reasons for their eventual ruination. We often take care of our carpets and toil hard to clean it. Sometimes, we also rely on commercial carpet cleaning in Edmonton to make our work easier. Yet it requires proper research and money to obtain the desirable outcome. We use numerous things during our routine at home that when spilled result in staining. Some spills cause greater spoilage to your carpet than others. Here is a list of some of the worst spills that your dear carpet may have to face and tips to tackle them –

Tea and Coffee

Every house has members that like their regular dose of tea or coffee on routine basis. For most of people, it is difficult to start their day without them. As incredible their health benefits are, the level of staining they bring in the carpets is also terrific. So much so, that they may permanently damage the carpet if not attended on time.


It is hard to imagine chocolate to be a spoiler with so the delicious and Aphrodite properties that they possess. However, the reality is that chocolates are among the worst things that cause nasty stains. Once the chocolate melts, it will give a tough time to the user in cleaning it.

Red Wine and Beer

Both the liquors are majorly detrimental to your carpets. The beer spill not only leaves stubborn stains, but also a filthy odor, which may require intervention from professional cleaners. Red wine has acidic properties that are capable of permanently blotting the beauty of the carpets, especially if the carpet is delicate and light.

Nail Polish

It is nice to get your nails painted sitting in a comfortable position, while feeling the warmth of the carpet under your toes. However, the comfort may turn into terrible situation if nail paint falls on the carpet. Only assistance from residential carpet cleaning in Edmonton can get that stain out.

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