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Residential Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton – How Nitidy Works

Home is the most comfortable place in this world. The kind of warmth and comfort any one get in their own house can never match any thing and a clean home make you feel healthy as well as lift up your mood. One of the important part of a resident is the warm, soft carpets under your feet. Keeping carpets of your home clean is quite necessary as it gets dirty very easily. If the carpet of your home is dirty, full of dust and stains then not only it hampers the beauty of your home but also grows harmful germs which cause allergies and many other diseases. Cleaning up carpets is not that easy task to do by yourself you need professionals for that. Here is Nitidy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service to give you best service of residential carpet cleaning in Edmonton.

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton- How We Work

Being the best carpet cleaning company in Edmonton we always provide the best to our customers. We don’t believe in using harmful chemicals to wash your carpets because it cause many side effects and it is harmful for children & pets. So we completely avoid chemical wash. Here are the methods that we follow for residential carpet cleaning in Edmonton & its nearby areas.

Vacuuming- The 1st thing that we do is, inspecting all the carpets properly and  figure out what kind of intensive treatment your carpets need. Then we pull out all the dry dusts through deep vacuuming system. It will bring out the loose dusts from your carpet very easily.

Stain Treatment- After cleaning up the dust we point out the strong stains on your carpet and with our special stain removal technique we scrub out all the stains of your carpet. Our carpet cleaners take care of every tiny dots of stains on the carpets and remove them with utmost efficiency.

Deep Hot Water Wash- This is the ultimate cleaning process that we take for residential carpet cleaning. Without using any harmful chemicals we deep clean your carpet with high pressure water mixed with cleaning solutions. We also drenched all the extra water once the carpet is completely clean.

Apply Anti Germ Protection Layer- Once the carpet is cleaned and dried up we offer special deodorizing treatment which leave your home with pleasant fragrance for long time. Also we provide protection layer on carpet as per customer’s wish. It helps to keep the carpet healthy and germ free for many days.

Making our clients happy and healthy is our main target. So our every cleaning professionals try their best to give you the perfect cleaning service in Edmonton and it’s nearby areas like Sherwood Park,St Albert, Leduc AB etc. So if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaners for your residential carpet cleaning in Edmonton then contact us today.

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