Cleaning the house or office is one of the primary things that you need to take care of. When it comes to choosing the best quality residential or commercial cleaning services in Edmonton, you will have to make sure that you get the top quality deals in the area. Even it applies for the commercial carpet cleaning in Edmonton. There are many carpets cleaner in the area, but you need to choose the best one to get a proper cleaning done. There are certain factors that need to be taken care of while opting for the top quality carpet cleaning company for service.

  1. Effective and fast: When you hire professionals you can easily get fast and effective cleaning and make sure that you get the best cleaning done.
  2. Cost-effective: The cleaning services offer service at an affordable rate there are many companies that offer the top quality service, this is one of the reasons why most of the service providers try to maintain a lower rate in order to make sure that they get maximum projects to deal with.
  3. Reliable: Well, Carpet Cleaning is a lot of work and you need to look for someone who can get the work done efficiently.
  4. Quality service: You need to ask the person about the services that they can cover. Speak to them about the type of services they offer and the equipments they use.
  5. Convenience: Now, when it comes to choosing the best quality service, you will have to make the choice properly and make sure that you get the most reliable people at work.

Why Deal with Us for Residential Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton

Carpet cleaning in the residential area includes a lot of care and we can help you get rid of all the hidden carpet dust. The major problem with carpet cleaning is that the dust usually seeps down keeping the top of the carpet clean. Well, we can help you get the perfect remedy for the best residential carpet cleaning in Edmonton.

Why to Choose us for Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Edmonton & Sherwood Park AB

However, in the commercial area, things are much different. We do not really clean the carpet in office every day. Therefore, we have to make sure that you get the super cleaning done. We make use of the special equipments to get the commercial carpet cleaning in Edmonton and Sherwood Park AB.



Nitidy’s Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Inspecting all the broadloom carpeted area
  • Pre-treating all major spots and stains
  • Scrubbing all major stains to loosen up dirt if required
  • Cleaning with high pressured water mixed with cleaning solution
  • Extracting excess water and dirt with high powered vacuum
  • Deodorizing and disaffecting your carpet as we go (add on)
  • Applying protection layer on your carpet (add on)


NOTE:Various factors effect drying time of carpet. Normally carpet will dry between 2 to 4 hours depending on the severity of cleaning. Proper ventilation is required for quick dry.