Best Tile And Grout Cleaning service in Edmonton

Every home requires special cleaning sessions and when it is about cleaning the tiles and grout, things can get tricky. Well, the basic question that comes to our mind is why we need a cleaning service provider to clean the tiles and grout when we get the basic cleaning done every day. Well, it is important to understand that the basic sweeping does not take away the discolouring and prolonged accumulation of the dirt. You can choose us for the effective changes in the tiles in your residential apartment. We offer the best tile and grout cleaning in Edmonton.

What Makes Us Stand in Tile And Grout Cleaning Service in Edmonton ?

Well, if you are looking for the best quality tile cleaning, w can offer you the best one. Here are reasons that can make you choose us over the other:

  1. Experienced cleaner
  2. Use of advanced technology
  3. The method that doesn't include harmful chemicals
  4. Affordable and efficient
  5. Quick and fast

The methods we use:

Even if you are cleaning the tiles every day, it doesn’t get the job done. However, it might help in temporary cleaning, but you will have to make sure that you get the super cleaning done at least ones a year. Even if you clean the grout of the tiles every day, the purpose is not always solved. You will have to take special care of the same. The master cleaning is required and we can ensure you about it. if you are looking for the best tile and grout cleaning service in Edmonton – choose us! We can make sure that you get the best quality cleaning done.




Nitidy’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Process:

  • Inspecting all tiled areas and grout lines
  • Pre-treating and spraying tiled area and let it rest for few
  • Deep scrubbing of the tile and grout lines with special brush
  • Cleaning with high pressured heated water and extracting all dirt with Vacuum
  • Wiping down all the area with clean water
  • Applying sealant on cleaned area (add on)

We are just a call away:

At Nitidy, we make sure that the cleaning services offered to the clients are good enough. We can promise you the best tile and grout cleaning in Edmonton using the advanced technology and on-time service at an effective rate. To know the rate contact us.


NOTE:If you choose to apply sealant, please don’t walk on floor for couple of hours.